Save Time, Use a Family Dentist for All Members of Your Family

Families are busy these days. They want to customize everything they can in their lives. One main problem that can be taken care of quickly is, everyone seeing the same dentist in the family. It means that each member in the family will have their own needs filled by the same dental office. Family dentistry services offer a variety of treatments for your whole family.

Family Dentistry Services

A dentist grand junction co can help your family with general dentistry, preventative care and cosmetic dentistry. You or a family member can have colored fillings for your teeth. Composite fillings can retain your tooth’s look and shape. With the latest technology and a professional family dental team, a composite resin filling can be made to match the natural color of your teeth.

Restore Your Smile

The composite colored resin can also help to fill in gaps between your teeth. The resin can cosmetically change the color, shape or size of any tooth. Your tooth structure is also strengthened by a composite filling, protecting it from breakage. Cosmetic composite fillings are done in two different steps. First the decayed tooth has to be cleaned out and prepared for the filling. The composite resin is then carefully applied and shaped to the tooth. Once the process is done, you will have your natural, beautiful smile back again.

Preserve Your Smile with Good Dental Hygiene

Individuals use teeth whitening, tooth bonding, Invisalign’s. and veneers to help improve their smiles. To keep those smiles, individuals need to maintain beneficial dental hygiene. Everyone should see their family dentist at least twice a year. During your check-up with your family dentist, you will have certain services performed for your dental hygiene health.

Your teeth will be cleaned of plaque and tartar. After that the dentist will polish your teeth. Your gums and teeth will be examined for gum disease, oral cancer, tooth decay, and all other dental issues. Usually X-rays will be taken along with any other tests found necessary. Once your teeth are cleaned and inspected, your dentists will take steps to correct any problems.

Converting Dentures to Implants

Changing over from dentures to imprints can improve your smile, be more comfortable in your mouth, and allow you to eat more foods. It will also give you a healthier bite. Your family dentist can provide you with the implants. The implants are titanium studs that are implanted into your jawbone. This procedure will take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to bond to your jawbone.

Your dentures are converted into fixed (non-removable) prosthesis. Your renewed dentures will then be attached to posts that have been put over your implants. Your dentures will cover the posts. The dentures will fit on four to six posts and the dentures will be trimmed to give you a good fit. Once your dentures are set in place, there may be a few small adjustments to make, before you leave. Your dentist will be able to make those adjustments. After a few weeks you will need to go back to your dentists to make sure the bite is right. Any adjustments can then be made is necessary.