How to Discourage Fear of the Orthodontist

Calling to mind the first time that you brought your kids to the dentist might conjure up images of horror. Perhaps they cried, screamed or otherwise carried on for the majority of the day. Although they’re older now and more comfortable with going to the dentist, you’ve learned that they soon need to see an orthodontist too. As anxiety begins to build about introducing them to another dental professionals, you can follow some tips to make the experience more pleasant for you all.

Choose a Pediatric Orthodontist 

Maybe you have braces yourself, and you’re thinking of bringing your kids to your orthodontist. Unless your dental practitioner specializes in working with children, this decision is probably not the best one. Instead, opt for a childrens orthodontist Cincinnati OH has to offer. These individuals have experience working with kids. In fact, they likely know that many children are afraid of going to dental appointments, and they have strategies to approach this fear in a soothing manner.

Check out the Office

Visiting the office is one way to get a feel for the practice and if it is the right fit for your kids. While the waiting area does not necessarily need to be littered with bright colors and toys, it should have an appeal for a younger crowd. For example, the office might have comfortable seating, magazines for teenagers, friendly receptionists and other elements that will help your kids to feel more relaxed as they wait for their appointments. If you have the opportunity to visit the office before your children’s first appointment, take advantage of this chance.

Talk about Options

Your kids might not be afraid of the orthodontist. Instead, they may fear how they will look wit braces on. You can have a discussion with them to let them know that different types of braces exist these days. They might be eligible for brackets that go behind the teeth or for braces that are virtually invisible. It’s important that you don’t make any promises with this type of information. Your children’s specific condition and teeth are going to determine what type of braces they can get, so you want to make that information clear in the discussions.

Encourage Questions

Children can often feel frightened by going to the orthodontist because they think that they are alienated from the process. It can come across as though everyone has a role in their health except for them. Before going to the orthodontist, sit down with them to find out what questions they have. While you don’t necessarily want your kids to ask useless question upon question during the appointment just to waste time, you do want to encourage them to start learning how to seek information to better their health.

Involving kids in the process is certainly one way to discourage fear of the orthodontist. You can also employ this strategy by showing them the orthodontist’s website or where the office is located before the appointment. Helping kids in this way allow them to prepare for a healthier future.